Writing a mathematical formula

Fast way: by writing LibreOffice Math markup codes directly into Writer document. Projects of this kind are likely to feature equations and formulas.

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As with words in the sentence, the symbols in a mathematical expression should be separated by a single space, as shown below. Numbers and variables are nouns; operational symbols may variously act as conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, or transitive verbs.

Change the size, color, or alignment of an equation: Click the equation, then use the controls in the sidebar to change the font size and color. Place the equation so it can be moved freely: Click outside the document to make sure nothing is selected.

This introduces LibreOffice Math as Writer's equation editor to write mathematical expressions in a text document. For more information see Wrap text around an object. Chapter 12 of the Chicago Manual of Style and chapter 6 of the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association are excellent resources for further reading.

Move a floating equation inline with text: In a word-processing document, select the equation, then in the Arrange sidebar, click the Move with Text button. If you added the equation inline, it appears at the insertion point in your document and is the same size and color as the surrounding text.

Brackets: contains round, square, braces, angle, upper ceil, floow, single lines, double lines, braces top, braces bottom brackets. Otherwise, click Use MathType in the dialog that appears.

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TeX equation editor (Mathematical Formulas)