The plagiarisms of mike barnicle and patricia smith

But stories by the Globe finally coming clean with the public have, in turn, raised a host of new questions.

mike barnicle first wife

According to Metro Columnist Eileen McNamara "An honorable commitment to open these pages to people long unrepresented led to a less-than-honorable tradeoff. Mike Barnicle told the story of the friendship of two boys, forged out of a mutual love of baseball, in the cancer section of Boston's Children's Hospital.

The stalemate added further tension to a newsroom that has been troubled since fellow columnist Patricia Smith was dismissed less than two months ago for fabricating material. The Sun-Times, which ran a correction, didn't let her write for several months after that.


No, he got all the details from the nurse. But when word reached Globe editor Matthew V. Finally, it dawned on even me that the column was a fabrication.

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Patricia Smith (poet)