The history of castles

Northern Europe was slower than the East to develop defensive structures and it was not until the Bronze Age that hill forts were developed, which then proliferated across Europe in the Iron Age.

However each noble usually owned more than one castle and spent some time travelling between his castles with the members of his household.

The history of castles

Bodiam Castle. Rich people usually had fish ponds so they could eat pike and carp. The castle suffered further damage in the s when French and Dutch prisoners of war that were imprisoned there set fire to their quarters, destroying parts of the building.

Leeds Castle. The weakest part of a castle was its gate but there were ways of strengthening it. Following the murder of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, inHenry built a chapel in his honour on the second floor of the tower. Some towers were incorporated into the outer walls, while others were freestanding structures within the courtyard.

What was the furniture like in Medieval Castles?

Evolution of castles

When ready they were covered in animal fat and burned. The Normans had developed a wooden Motte and Bailey castle complex in Normandy. However, it has been estimated that between 75, and , were built in western Europe; []. On special occasions, they had huge feasts. The tower, called a bergfried, was made of wood and stone, starting in the 13th century. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle a kind of national diary said 'He William the Conqueror caused castles to be made and poor men to be greatly oppressed'. Building a castle sometimes required the permission of the king or other high authority. The attackers could also hurl missiles. Roman forts were generally rectangular with rounded corners — a "playing-card shape". Problem - the concentric castles were really expensive to build.

Or was it an impressive home that reflected the social prestige and majesty of the inhabitants? Some men were employed to excavate an impressive acre lake, while another worked to restore the castle itself.

types of castles
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History of Castles