The bitter man on a rainy day in seattle

The bitter man on a rainy day in seattle

There are no lockers, so you will have to carry anything you bring on site. Book online, in advance, and wear good shoes for walking.

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Seattleites take advantage of all this waterscape by going sailing, kayaking, canoeing, or, in warmer months, jumping right in. Rainier, and more. Beer drinkers who want to try something completely different can join Cycle Saloons for a pedal-powered tour of many of Seattle microbreweries.

Here are a few ways to try Pacific Northwest made drinkables.

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Do check the website for additional details. Looking north up Fifth Avenue from Virginia Street. There are some remaining fancy architectural touches, some plumbing oddities, and purple glass tiles that let the light through into the musty spaces hiding under First Avenue.

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Seattle Rainy Day Guide