Stress and personality measures

Part C was framed to identify the sources of stress among healthcare professionals, with stressful situation questionnaire[ 19 ] addressing different stressful situations such as relationship with patients, family rejections, identification with patients, deterioration and complication, job criticism, private life, and daily work.

what does it mean by type a personality

For each marker, we calculated the net response e. Past experience may color our view and how we interpret events, in turn determining our reactions and feelings. The study was conducted during — Discussion The present study investigated how personality traits predicted acute stress responses in healthy individuals using both physiological and psychological measurements.

type a and type b personality

Further, the difference in the performance of both the personality types has been studied. Third, although the present study showed associations between personality traits and acute stress reactivity, there might be other variables explaining and moderating these associations.

Stress and Personality.

personality and stress individual differences in the stress process

We did not find significant association between either agreeableness or conscientiousness and stress responses, which was consistent with most other studies 912although few studies showed the relationship between the two personality factors and physiological stress responses 3 They subsequently conduced research to show that people with type A personality run a higher risk of heart disease and high blood pressure than type Bs.

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Stress and Personality