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Best of all, Google Docs is used by just about everyone. Tweet on Twitter You need a good note app. After all, Apple Notes ships with just about every Apple device and is pretty much the simplest note app that exists for iOS.

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Ulysses will also automatically back up your work locally on your device. More than that, they can be published right from the app to your blog no matter whether you use WordPress, Medium, Blogger, or even Tumblr. You might even say that many of them are quite…noteworthy sorry. Yes, you can use it to keep track of what dairy products you need, but this is the app you use when you want to log the notes from your vacation or keep a modern diary. That may sound like a line, but it really works that well. For many writers, TextExpander will be that tool. We believe that paying a subscription fee for a professional tool is a great business model, providing the company the resources it needs to keep the app updated. Google Keep most certainly lives up to that billing. A vivid example of it is Evernote. Icons and smileys can also be added to notes, and you can add text next to them. Ulysses is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of workflow implementations. Fortunately, when it comes to backing up your writing, Ulysses makes it incredibly easy and can even back up your work automatically. The access to iCloud ensures that all documents are safe and can be accessed from any iOS device. So, if you are a blogger or a writer or some other kind of a content creator, this is probably the best option for you! The entire app is designed to account for the most effective way to complete common note-taking tasks.

Our Favorite Pro Writing App is Ulysses Ulysses is an extremely powerful writing tool with well-thought-out features that will provide great support for any writing project. Definitely the best note-taking app at the moment.

However, sometimes we all make mistakes. If you are a pro writer, you will definitely like to try them out to compose your special story wherever and whenever you want. All in all, if you are a writer, this one is for you. Many a writer has succumbed to what Steven Pressfield calls The Resistance by fiddling with font settings instead of doing the work.

There are also additional features, not least for annotating other files, such as PDF files, as well as files from Excel, Keynote, and Numbers.

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However, there are times when the notes you take are designed to be shared with other people. You can use numerous tools to make your text look exactly the way you want it to. Being literate in the modern world is essential. Well, Writing Challenge can help with that last part. So, if you prefer good old ways, this is your best choice! We'll consider additional options which take the simple idea of making notes and expand on it: Notes Plus allows you to make handwritten notes and then convert them into text files which you can then export to other file formats, such as PDF. Final Draft not only helps your screenplay look professional, but it helps you better understand the screenplay format. You can also share your pieces with friends on Facebook or with your subscribers on Twitter. In our opinion, the features the developers chose to include are powerful, useful, and easy to use.

Ulysses also lets you apply keywords to your sheets. Subscription fatigue is a very real thing, but if you are going to use Ulysses in any sort of professional capacity, you might want to think of it as an inexpensive business expense.

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