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Learn about our College Applications Program. You hope that by understanding the procedures of manufacturing digital devices, you could identify key drivers of cost, and thereby redesign a procedure that lowers the cost of manufacturing them.

The structure and purpose of this essay are fairly straightforward — you want to explain what sparked your self-driven interest in both science and mathematics, and while doing so, convey your passion in both of these fields.

northwestern supplemental essays 2020

The end. Put you in contact with more people in like-minded fields? Some interesting features to highlight: The Structured Curriculum Explore the curriculum map here to see how the timing and combination of the courses align with your goals and interest.

Therefore, you hope to harness the strength of writing through covering political news in the Middle East. Share it!

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You only have words, which actually works to your advantage because you can be incredibly specific about your goals academic and extracurricular without adding unnecessary fluff. Map out exactly what your goal is in relation to the interest you have chosen to write about.

This could be your college counselor, guidance counselor, academic advisor, career center specialist or whoever can to best speak to your overall high school curriculum and involvement within the context of your high school.

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