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How do they differ from the original? Writing Prompts 1. Where does Matilda find the missing copy of Great Expectations? How long does Mr. What makes Matilda decide that she wants to survive after the terrible tragedies? As the story unfolds, her inner life is transformed by this new knowledge just as surely as her everyday life is disrupted by tragedy. Why do they blame Mr. Matilda goes to live with her father in Australia after her mother and Watts are killed Mr. Divide the class into small groups, with one or two students as the assigned writers for each group. Ask your students to consider what knowledge or experiences they have that other people may not, and have them design a brief lesson in which they will present their knowledge to their classmates. Watts tell his life story for many different reasons. What does this sentence mean? Dickens on the second day of school? In Mister Pip, Mr. How does Mr.

Watts means when he compares himself to a mammoth? Just as Great Expectations changes Matilda, instilling in her a moral code, so the environment in which it is read changes the book.

To me, Mr. He claims that Watts is Dickens, and when the soldiers come looking for Pip, Watts takes the role of Dickens.

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Allow time for questions and answers after each presentation. Why does she look at Mr. There is a fittingly dreamy, lyrical quality to Jones's writing, along with an acute ear for the earthy harmonies of village speech. Where do the ideas in the lists come from? That's great-- I don't think they're dummies or racist asshats for thinking so. How do the villagers respond to Mrs. Look, this book was shorted for the Man Booker prize, and loads of people, including some literary critics and clearly many goodreads readers, really liked it. It is through the guidance of her devoted but strict Christian mother and teacher that Matilda survives but, more importantly, through her connection with Pip, a fictional creation in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. In a short essay, explain your thoughts on this topic; if you wish, you may use examples from a book you have read recently to illustrate your point. Convinced that Pip must be a spy who has been hidden from them, the soldiers destroy the houses. Why do you think Mr. Main article: Mr. Possible topics might include a place they have visited, a book they have read, or a skill they have learned. The presentation style? Ask each student to sum up his or her findings visually in a poster format: a flow chart, family tree, or collage may be effective ways to convey the significance s of the name-change and of each name itself.

Names—real names, false names, changing names, mistaken names—are very important in Mister Pip. Why does the officer think that the villagers are hiding someone named Pip? The novel offers, therefore, numerous opportunities for classroom discussion about the importance and function of literature, the relationship between reader and text, the cultural or social expectations that may accompany certain types of reading and writing, and the ways in which literature can be reinterpreted—or misinterpreted.

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We learn of his marriage to Grace, a native of Bougainville, which explains why he remained long after most white men had abandoned the island. Possibilities include: family members or ancestors who have changed their name; celebrities who use a professional or stage name; authors who write under a pseudonym; acquaintances who go by a nickname or middle name; even book or movie characters.

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Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones