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The New campaign is worth noting as it clearly differ from the earlier one in terms of rectifying the consumer perception about chocolate being an up market impulse driven product.

project on marketing management for class 12 on cadbury chocolate pdf

Tabular and graphic methods, which included pie charts and bar graphs, were used to analyze data. Consumers are groups, gender, material states income etc The lifestyle of consumers i.

And most of the people like small packs.

cadbury dairy milk project introduction

K to all other countries. The Tests Despite the Need To Clear The residual memory of CDMs former Association, caution prevented a big break with the past, forcing Cadbury to experiment with a combination of continuity and change. To translate the brief into the commercial, they decide to simply portray occasion of childlike-but not childish-behavior from adults, without explicitly identifying adults as the target customer.

Cadbury takes into account all these factors when producing a range of products. Nor was there much chance of her announcing an immediate change in behavior.

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Project Report on Cadbury