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The letter "f" is the only trizonal letter in the alphabet. His signature shows strokes in the form of faces, thus revealing his jovial and artistic side. Graphology expert analyzes Bond's autograph to reveal his honest personality Written by Dr. Straight: Self-control that might become coldness. Denial of sexual thinking, pretended modesty, mixture of desire and rejection, frigidity, sexual dissatisfaction. As Type I thins out the individual stroke, Type 2 thins down the letters in a word. He loses interest quickly and goes on to the next thing.

Soft pressure: Lack of expansion. The sinuous strokes of his pen are as devious as the snake that slithers around obstacles. Executed on this 31st day of Decemberin Sherman Oaks, California Example The four most common connective forms are garlands, arcades, angles and thread.

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All this happened in about a month from first raising my t-bar! Long viscous lower loop: Materialistic tendency. Bozza b, M. Jan 24, Getty Images Handwritten notes can keep track of your shopping lists or express your gratitude Meghan Markle's a big fan!

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Lower loop moving upwards on the same extension: Sublimation. Letter slant can best be seen in letters containing upper loops: the b, d, h, 1, k, and t. There are many signature models that may help you recognize a few details. It is the thermometer that measures the potency of desire and needs, reflecting vital strength. Short and narrow lower loop: Pushes libido to other areas. Curve: It indicates kindness, softness, tenderness, plenitude when obtaining pleasure, spontaneity to contact. Examples and what to look for are in the Handwriting Insights deck. He likes to display extravagance, and is very savvy.

As the writer matures he learns the more sophisticated method of joining letter forms called cursive writing. Special Discounts available now.

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His name slants downwards, which suggests that he is temporarily tired or slightly depressed about something on the personal front. Brosnan is a natural leader and contributes to society. When the lower extension is too long, may have aggressive tendencies or dependency to instinct. Taroni a, S. Their uniqueness will be revealed in other writing features. Dedicated to intellectual life. Small oval, thick lower loop: Shyness or selfishness that does not allow expressing affection, unconfessed desire of having sexual adventures. His wife is supportive, but may complain about his messy room and wardrobe. Left means you're a more reserved observer. Lower loop towards the left with curve: Possessive attitude, subconscious desire for recognition, weaning complex indicates privation during childhood, permanent nostalgia.

General interpretation: Subconscious return to the past, complications in psychological development, negotiation, inferiority complex in sexuality. Teeny-tiny scrawl might mean a person's retreating from society completely, Dresbold says.

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