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As astounding as these figures are, the number of performance drug users is steadily increasing. They are called anabolic steroids or performance enhancing drugs, and they are synthetically produced substances of male testosterone hormones.

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Today walking into any gym you will find some one who is using steroids or some kind of enhancement supplement. The competitive edge has started to increase and guys are looking for ways to enhance their performances. Anabolic androgenic steroids are a controversial topic within sports. Teenagers are under immense pressure to be perfect. Many athletes will have enough money to overcome these limitations. Why take steroids if you already know that it is not good for you? As a result of steroid use, there has been an increase of physical irregularities and stunted growth. Inside their bodies they are actually ruining themselves. Prominent sports men and women have fallen from grace as allegations after allegations are heaped against them by the ever-vigilant anti-doping agencies.

From major league athletes in baseball and football; to track stars and bicyclist in the Olympics, the use of steroids in sports has been a wide-range problem. Most of the countries in the world have either outlawed fully the usage, buying or selling of Anabolic steroids.

Creatine is a chemical produced by the kidney and found in meat product.

are steroids helping or destroying our body essay

Steroid use is a big part of most sports, mostly baseball. Anabolic steroids are illegal and are sold over the black market and there are different kinds.

Would you be attracted to a woman who is just like one of the guys, literally?

steroid use in sports

Steroids are used by athletes in baseball, football, and in Olympic events in hopes of finding the edge to …show more content… In the history of Major League Baseball, there have been a total of thirty-six fifty home run seasons.

The use of these illegal steroids has garnered a lot of publicity within the world of sports over the past few years.

are steroids helping or destroying our body argumentative essay

Many turn to repetitive practices and healthier diets, while some turn to protein powder. Steroids boost the intensity of the game and provide the athletes with more agility and skill to play the game, but should it be fair to allow them? These teenagers are using steroids because they want to look muscular and fit, but they are not aware of the negative effects steroids have on their bodies.

These athletes are taking performance enhancers such as creatine, androstenedione and worst of all, anabolic steroids.

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Essay on steroids in sports