Essay on tourism industry in mauritius

Essay on tourism industry in mauritius

It is perhaps one of the most important elements of tourism management to enable communities who often serve as tourist destinations and for that matter suffer from the negative impacts of tourism, to get involved and eventually participate in planning decisions regarding tourism development.

Expatriates, who have the power to pay for high prices of land and housing, may cause a situation where local people are compelled to move from these places as they cannot afford the high prices of commodities also.

advantages of tourism

Much of this pollution, such as septic tank seepage, lawn fertilizer, road oil, and run off from disturbed soil, is not serious Gartner, It has been found that it is largely leisure tourers that come to the finishs and their motive honeymoon, immature married couple seeking Eden for their honeymoons, looking for a quiet topographic point, this applies to retired people, households willing to get away the European winter and seeking sea and beach vacation, persons seeking for water- athleticss and tourer coming for cultural involvement.

Until recently the attention has concentrated on the economic impacts and not on the environmental and social consequences of tourism.

Khemraz, Communication Manager [pic] Figure 1. Regarding monetary value, tourers are rather sensitive to this variable when the monetary value is high less tourist travel to the finish when the monetary value is reduced more tourers travel.

advantages and disadvantages of tourism

The transporting capacity analysis connoting the establishment of upper bounds on development in other words, the figure of tourers in footings of yearss, feedbacks and market prognosiss, Furthermore, transporting capacities can be established both for the development every bit good as developed tourer finish.

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Mauritius Island As A Destination Tourism Essay