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Wipro also defends much of the language in the RFP response as common puffery implying that National Grid had a basic responsibility to check references. The performance of the AWS environment and the addition of machine learning have reduced the time it takes to close tickets.

What standards were used for signing off?

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In his suit, he has alleged that Wipro ignored his contribution and penalised him for stressing the importance of complying with employment laws and regulations. Financial reporting — Prior to go-live it took National Grid four days to close its financial books. This was simply not possible in our on-premise environment.

Were risk assessments performed? Wipro is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity and provides all our employees with a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment of any kind.

It is undoubtedly a struggle and a very hard one but the only way to change this equation is by ensuring that it is brought to light. The program operated with a target go-live date of December On June 1st,Wipro filed a motion to have three of the five causes for action dropped.

The project team, led by Ankur Jalpota, practice head, strategy and transformation at Wipro Limited, and in close coordination with AWS architects, drew up a detailed project plan covering the architecture, its connectivity, a migration plan, and user acceptance testing. The final decision to go-live always rests with the client and unless Wipro was looking to deceive National Grid regarding the results of its testing, it will be difficult for National Grid to prove Wipro was negligent to the point of being solely responsible for all damages.

ET could not immediately verify whether Wipro has reached any sort of financial settlement with Ukil, as part of the 1. In December ofNational Grid filed suit against Wipro requesting their money back as well as the cost of all damages.

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