An analysis of a man driven to madness in the scarlet letter

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At last! By ornamenting the scarlet letter, she expresses her passion and desire she previously repressed to the outer world. Dimmesdale s strong desire and passion for Hester Prynne causes him to forget his own identity and his holy status in Puritan society. Also, the forest accepts Pearl as one of its own, letting its animals be unafraid of her and offering her its best foliage to play with. Psychology is regarded as an inseparable part of literature. The effects of id, ego and superego on their personalities are discussed during the analysis of the main characters of the novel by making references to their repressed childhood and past memories. She tries to show that the sin she committed is not something supernatural. Now realizing his responsibilities, he tries to forget his plans for a while, because such sermon has a significant place in a Reverend s life and because of his name, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, … the minister the hollow mockery of his good name Hawthorne,. The fear of the forest is what makes it safe.

Hester believes that sometimes people cannot control their emotions and desires, having sexual desires and passions are not something extraordinary, every person harbors such desires, it is something that can be found in the nature of every human being.

Hester is quite aware of her sin and its results, so she dedicates herself to purifying her soul and body from the burdens of this sin.

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He gets stuck in his id and ego. She is portrayed as a kind, charitable, godly person who has repented for her sin. Dolnick comments on this issue by stating [b]y the s and s, the master s warning had be drowned are tumult of excited voices. The aim of this paper is to analyze the main characters of Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter from a Freudian psychoanalytic position revealing how these characters lives and personalities have been affected by their id, ego and superego. Dimmesdale suffers from the sin he committed with Hester and Chillingworth often appears as a reflection of Dimmesdale s conscience. But I can love her, so she has the power to punish me for my sin a million times over. The forest scene has a significant impact on Dimmesdale s on both conscious and unconscious level. Revealing his sin gives him the endless peace and redemption that he has been searching for seven years. Hagen anchored in his sledges An analysis of the classifications of american music and an analysis of a man driven to madness in the scarlet letter his an analysis of the topic of the novel the hobbit by j r r tolkien meddlers alike! Hath she not expressed this thought in the garb of the poor child, so forcibly reminding us of that red symbol which sears her bosom? I will die first!

He decides that repressing this sinful act is not necessary any more, for both him and Hester Prynne, that perhaps; everybody should learn the truth in the end.

It is a story about the Puritan settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, set around 2.

the scarlet letter as a psychological romance

They are not able to balance these three parts of the human psyche. Through his studies, Freud mainly focused on the causes of repression. At the end of the novel, when Dimmesdale meets Hester in the forest, it is clear that Dimmesdale has difficulty resisting his desire and passion for Hester.

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An Analysis of a Man Driven to Madness in The Scarlet Letter