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In both of the novels, the governments of the societies have an iron grip on their citizens. If we allow this we will be turned into robots of the system. The audience is walked through the later stages of his life, where his intellectual thought is most prominent.

Analyze the plot and conflicts depicted in book and movie. Under the rule of Adolf Hitler, Germany was also a totalitarian society.

1984 vs modern society essay

Today, Venezuela, which is literally rationing the use of hair dryers and consumption of sugar, is a failed, broke state that thought socialism would save it.

And dystopian stories, written by a great many both before and after George Orwell, are valuable pieces of literature for society. George Orwell showed a world without the freedoms that citizens in the United States live with every day What does the government achieve with controlling the truth, writing and revising history?

1984 comparative essay
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Nineteen Eighty